How MasterShield Works

One of the first questions people ask is about how MasterShield works. MasterShield’s inventor, Alex Higginbotham first introduced micro mesh gutter protection in 2001.  In the decade that’s followed, he’s learned quite a bit, allowing him to better his technology in several ways. Here’s how MasterShield works:

Higginbotham’s latest advancements are not in other gutter guards. While other systems have stayed exactly the same, MasterShield has continued to evolve. That means you get more in the technology behind how MasterShield works and better performance than what he did a decade ago.

Tired of Gutter Cleaning

So, what’s changed?

  • You’ll get the benefit of a thin but very strong aluminum frame. MasterShield easily conforms to all the imperfections often found near your gutters. This can include wavy fascia boards, warped sub roofs and the intentional drop in your gutters from their highest point to the lowest point at the downspout.
  • You’ll get a system installed as close as the installer can get to the existing pitch of your roof.  This makes airflow coming down your roof work to your benefit to keep debris reacting as if you didn’t have gutters at all.
  • You’ll also benefit from HydroVortex Technology, which was developed so that your gutter protection could be installed on an angle.   Water will start to overshoot other products if they try to pitch them, HydroVortex overcomes the natural way water wants to remain moving forward; it allows water to be pulled into your gutters even if placed straight up and down.
  • You’ll get the benefit of a system that can be heated to help avoid the main issues with gutter protection in the winter: icicles.

So you can see, how MasterShield works makes your choice of gutter guards much easier!

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Tired of Gutter Cleaning

How MasterShield Gutter Guards Work

MasterShield works with leaves, pine and fir needles, oak tassels, maple helicopters, even shingle grit.

MasterShield manufactures gutter guards and gutter heaters for your exterior home improvement needs.
Our innovative microfiltration technology saves homeowners time, effort and money from cleaning out, repairing and replacing unprotected gutters.
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