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MasterShield Gutter Screens are produced by MGP Manufacturing LLC.  MGP stands for Microfiltration Gutter Products.  MGP’s patented portfolio of gutter screens takes its rightful place as the leaders in genuine, multi-patented microfiltration technology.  MGP’s technological advancements have changed the gutter guard industry.  The technology has received social proof from master builder, Tim Carter, of, the leading consumer reporting magazine and, just to name a few.

None of these changes would be possible without acclaimed industry innovator, Edward “Alex” Higginbotham.  He holds 10 US patents, 2 Canadian patents, and 2 Australian patents.  He also has about 10 other patent applications in at the US Patent Office.  Alex is prolific, and doesn’t settle for second best.

Unlike others in the field, his patents are straightforward and simple, because they represent the core technology of the fine filter gutter screen industry.  Touch something to a filter to pull water through or get a filter to redirect water through itself and that’s Alex.  You might see others with patents, but they build from Alex’s core teachings and then put what he calls a “freckle on the Mona Lisa”–they add one small feature or tweak to what he originally did and patent just that little change.  Do their freckles improve the technology?  Ask Alex and you’ll often hear him say it de-evolves it, which can make it work less effective that had it been left alone, just like the original Mona Lisa looks best without any freckles.

MasterShield Gutter Screens – Key Features and Screen Purposes

The features of MGP gutter screens serve a distinct purpose:

  • keep all debris, from any kind of tree, from getting into your gutter
  • make sure water flowing down your roof has the most ways of getting siphoned into your gutter
  • keep you from having to maintain your gutters once the gutter screens are installed
  • employ the patented self cleaning features from Alex’s teaching to allow the screen part of the product to clean itself of debris and roof oils

Our products are not about sticking a stainless steel screen over a gutter and calling them gutter screens.  MGP is about creating top performing, state-of-the-art technology designed to keep rain water from damaging a home.  We’re about allowing people to unconsciously protect the environment by minimizing storm water issues and show how harvesting rain can be good for your landscaping and home.

And, yes, we’re also about solving the problem of gutter clogs for good.

If you’re looking to learn more about MasterShield, inventor Alex Higginbotham, microfitration and more, you can find information in our blog or through the links below:

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